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18 Feb 2020
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Pleuger Submersible pump

Equipment technology

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Our durable and precise submersible motor pumps of today's design are the result of the development of water-filled submersible motors. The water-filled submersible motor was developed in 1928 by Friedrich Wilhelm Pleuger and then used for the first time in the construction of the Berlin subway for groundwater lowering with the Pleuger underwater pumps. Later, Pleuger Industries pushed ahead with many other innovative developments. For this reason one still speaks today of "Pleuger pumps" when submersible motor pumps are meant. Submersible pumps (also known as deep well pumps) of the Pleuger brand are durable and maintenance-free products that meet all performance requirements. In addition to units in standard configuration, Pleuger also offers custom-made units to ensure the highest level of operational reliability and performance in all applications - even under the most difficult conditions.
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