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6 Feb 2020
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Model DSMZ

Equipment technology

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Screw and centrifugal impeller changed into on single turbine that can be attached to a larger impeller. This larger impellar allows sewage filth , high concentrations of sludge and fibre and even solids to pass without clogging (all at a high efficiency rate).High reliability in the parts. In case of flooding of the motor chamber and the space between the mechanical seals will prevent flooding of oil and water, and the high durability of the part means that even if the exterior of the cables is damaged they will still work.Built-in flood detector and bi-metal thermal switch will detect any anomalous increase in temperature or water level in the motor chamber and mechanical seal. It will then automaticallly stop the machine to prevent overheating/burning and flooding.Compared to a conventional water sewage pump, the head pump will allow higher liquid concentrations to flow through preventing clogging. Easy to control flow rate, with less variation in the rate with respect to change of pressure. Highly suitable for transfer of sewage and filth.More than 18.5kW include a water-cooled jacket installed outside and surrounding the motor chamber., this will enable operation even if water levels are to drop to low levels. (for 15kW or less, specifications may change, particularly for water-cooled types)..Pump mounting is simplified by using chains and vertical placement. Light-weight spare equipment is available and it is not necessary to dry the motor when doing maintenance as it is submersible.
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