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8 Dec 2020
The Amarinth equivalent of the Girdlestone 984 Vertical Long Shaft range of pumps consist of single stage, end suction, centrifugal pumps, robustly designed for wet sump applications and complying with API 610 Standards 7th edition, where applicable. The pumps are of modular construction and as standard can be supplied to suit sump depths of 0.5 to 10 metres. A wide variety of material and construction options enable pumps to be tailored to suit precise customer requirements for either onshore or offshore applications. As industry uses an increasingly wider range of chemicals and volatile liquids, vertical long shaft pumps in wet sump installations offer an ideal means of handling these liquids safely and conveniently. Practical design features enable routine maintenance to be carried out with minimal downtime. The pump drive end has been designed to maximise access to the thrust bearing/vapour seal, and allow axial adjustment of the impeller from the top of the pump, without the necessity to reset the seal assembly. The drive shaft design incorporates replaceable bearing sleeves, which also function as shaft couplings.
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