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last update:
8 Dec 2020
The Amarinth equivalent of the Girdlestone 910 Industrial Range of pumps consists of single stage, end suction, direct coupled centrifugal pump with a back pull out facility which allows the complete rotating assembly to be removed without disturbing the suction or discharge pipework. In addition, all pumps, except 25mm outlet types, include the unique 900 Series front access feature, which allows the impeller and seal assembly to be withdrawn from the suction end. These practical design features enable routine maintenance to be carried out with minimal downtime. The modular construction provides a high degree of interchangeability and commonality of parts with other pumps in the 900 Series. All 910 pumps are robustly designed and exceed the requirements of ISO 5199 for Class II centrifugal. The 900 series design provides the optimum shaft seal environment and allows most types of single, double or tandem seals to be fitted.
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