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Reciprocating compressor

The Howden reciprocating compressor series "C" and "P" present a comprehensive range of volumes and pressures, the Thomassen "C" series of Howden are one of the largest compressors in the World, with compressors installed with 17MW of power the are heavy duty and high power units. Where processes involve a lower capacities we have our "Burton Corblin P" series, the fully integrated package we supply can incorporate control systems, regulation equipment and any other additional modules and utility packages required by the circumstances. The "P" Series are delivered ready for installation and start-up. Power up to 33 MW ,Pressure 600 bar,Rod load up to 1,800 kN The unique Free Floating Piston system uses a cushion of process gas to support the piston, eliminating rider ring wear and greatly extending intervals between maintenance. Oil and gas production,Petrochemicals,Refining,Power generation,Iron and Steel
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