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last update:
20 November 2019

Reciprocating compressor

NEUMAN & ESSER has specifically brought a fast-running process gas compressor onto the market for the so-called upstream and midstream applications. These high-speed compressors are derived from the core product, the high-performance process gas compressor according to API 618. Due to the rigidity of the cast crankcase and the resulting compact, linear design, the horizontal hs compressors can achieve speeds of up to 1,200 RPM. The crankcase is available with two, four or six cranks, dependent on the customer’s requirements. With this, the fast-running NEA compressors meet the strict and demanding requirements of the natural gas industry with flying colors. Overview of the further advantages: Flexible compressor speeds Natural gas, diesel or electrical drive Water-cooled or with cylinders Lubricated or dry-running design Extremely robust crankcase constructions Extended material selection for high-pressure applications Low vibrations for offshore use
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