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20 November 2019
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Axial Flow and Combined Axial-Radial Flow Compressors

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API 617 chap 2

Axial compressor

Axial flow and axial-radial flow isothermal compressors are designed to handle large volume flows of air within a relatively small casing while maintaining excellent thermodynamic efficiency. Casings are fabricated and can have either axial or radial inlet. Performance control is achieved by either speed variation or adjustable guide vanes, or a combination of both. Our experience in designing and building these compressors dates back to 1955. Combined axial-radial compressors are offered for applications requiring higher pressure ratios and intercooling. The design of this product family incorporates an axial process stage followed by one or more centrifugal process stages. The design principle common to both compressors designs is a modular concept based on finely graded machine elements and flow components that have proven their reliability over decades of operation.
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