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8 Dec 2020
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API 610 VS4 Pumps - Vertical Sump Pumps

Equipment technology

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API 610 VS4

Amarinth API 610 VS4 Pumps 11th edition V Series, the vertical sump pumps are designed and manufactured for a number of applications plus pump configurations including oily water separation, storm water and wash down sumps and Meg 75% with H2O sumps. The VS4 pumps are typically found in the utility areas of oil & gas production and refineries, though they can be used for other applications. Each pump is designed to fit sump depths of up to 6.0m as standard, although bespoke designs of up to 10m have been supplied. V Series pumps are independently verified, fully ATEX compliant and conforms to the VS4 API 610 centrifugal pump standard put forward by American Petroleum Institute (API).
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