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Reciprocating compressor

Hydraulically driven, dry-running HOFER type series TKH reciprocating compressors are constructively particularly easily set-up. They compact solids-free gases such as hydrogen, helium, argon, nitrogen, carbon dioxide and ethylene. Their maximum ultimate pressure is 4,200 bar. HOFER TKH reciprocating compressors excel with especially user-friendly maintainability: depending on the compressor size, the replacement of a piston seal is possible within 10 to 30 minutes. If the compressor is used in an explosive zone, the hydraulic aggregate is normally placed outside the zone. The compressed oil connection is made through a gasproof wall. If required extra, we can also supply explosion-protected hydraulic aggregates. The HOFER type series TKH reciprocating compressor also excels with its low space requirements. Because the stages are easy to place on top of each other, it is predestined for installation in containers. Ultimate pressure up to 4,200 bar Dry-running piston for oil-free compression Particularly easy and fast to service Simple quantity regulation by changing the reciprocating speed from 5 to 100 % Permanent monitoring of the leakage quantities Stage pressure ratio up to 5 Number of stages as desired Balance cut and fill for foundation-free erection Low wear and tear and quiet running due to low piston speeds Water cooling provides the best cooling effect and a low sound pressure level Constructional version in accordance with EC Machine Directive 2006/42/EC Standards applied: DIN EN 1012 part 1, DIN EN 12100 part 1, DIN EN 60204 part 1 and others If applicable, explosion-protected in accordance with Directive 2014/34/EU
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